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21 February 2024
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The Building Group’s new project in the municipality of Finale Ligure will see the construction of exclusive residential units overlooking the Varigotti waterfront, replacing the former Hotel Plaza.

The project also includes the urban redevelopment of the car park in front, which will become a garden open to the public.

Milan, 21 february 2024. Floor-to-ceiling windows and large covered loggias let the sea in and generous amounts of sunlight into the home. On the seafront in Varigotti, Liguria, the new 17024Varigotti residential complex is being built, a refined residential project of dynamic contemporary architecture by the Building Group and the Monetti family, with Marco and Stefano Monetti. The building will rise on the ashes of the former Hotel Plaza, on one of the most enchanting stretches of coastline on the Riviera di Ponente.

The project for the recovery and reconversion of the accommodation facility, carried out by Studio Boffa Petrone & Partners, is part of a wide-ranging urban redevelopment and landscape architecture project which, in synergy with the local authorities, through the payment of urbanisation charges and an agreement, also envisages the creation of an elegant square open to the public in the space in front of it, designed by the greenery of the Mediterranean maquis and inhabited by art, in the area where the Plaza’s car parks used to stand.

17024Varigotti will feature exclusive beachfront flats and a condominium swimming pool, just a few metres from the beach and the Baia dei Saraceni, a renowned seaside resort in the municipality of Finale Ligure. The interiors and exteriors of the dwellings will integrate spontaneously and naturally into the surrounding context, seamlessly, thanks to a careful choice of materials such as glass, natural oak, stone and ceramic, and thanks to plasters inspired by the tradition of the seaside village.

The light oak of the movable sunbreakers and fixed battens, the large glass surfaces, the sandstone of the external flooring and the ceramics of the façade, which degrade from the ‘rena’ colour of the basement to the ‘salt’ tones of the upper floors, naturally sculpt an essential architecture in the evocative Ligurian landscape, integrating it into the soft pastels of the earth, the clear rock and the uncontaminated green of the hills, the blue of the sky and the sea.

Inside, the flats of 17024Varigotti will be designed as an appendix to the surrounding landscape, balancing innovation and sustainability, essentiality of design and richness of natural elements, echoing the shades and materials used for the exterior.

The marketing of the flats will be entrusted to Logo Immobiliare, a company specialising in real estate transactions for the luxury market.

Arch. Piero Boffa, President of the Building Group said: “This project represents the rebirth of an important area of Varigotti, giving back to the landscape and the life of the town a space that had been almost forgotten for years, in a beautiful stretch of coastline. The recovery of the former Plaza hotel allows us to create modern residential spaces in a virtuous and sustainable way, without consuming new land and through architectural choices that will mitigate its impact. Thanks to the commitment of the local authorities, it was also possible to provide for the radical redevelopment of the space surrounding the building, to create an enjoyable space where one can sit and look at the sea.”

Marco and Stefano Monetti added: “The redevelopment of the former Hotel Plaza is also a sentimental operation for us, given the bond we have with Varigotti and the many memories that tie us to this village. We have been spending our holidays here for over 40 years and we want to contribute to some extent to preserving the beauty of this coastline, recovering an area that had been in a state of decay for too long.”

Andrea Guzzi, Deputy Mayor of Finale Ligure said, “This is an example of excellent synergy between public and private, which will allow an intervention long awaited by the City and which restores dignity to one of the most beautiful locations on the Riviera. For years this area had been degrading more and more, with this initiative the Community will get important feedback in terms of public works with the birth of a square surrounded by greenery and the redevelopment of the waterfront in front of the new building. The work on the plaza will obviously be linked to the private works and subsequent to them as it is facing them. As for the waterfront, the Administration will start the procurement procedures in the spring and start construction after the 2024 summer season. These works are financed through the payment of additional share of urbanization charges. This is one more piece in the important redevelopment of the wonderful Varigotti.”

17024Varigotti will have residential units of different sizes and with a variable distribution of the rooms, all the flats will enjoy loggias with sea views on the south side and projecting balconies with glass parapet on the east and west sides. On the ground floor, Duplexes will be created with a service loft and access from the private garden. From the first to the fourth floor, the building will comprise two-room, three-room and large flats. Finally, the units on the fifth floor will have access to the private terrace on the sixth floor, via an internal staircase. On the other hand, the basement will contain private garages for the condominiums.