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5 July 2019
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The new natural line for the well-being of the whole family From Burkina Faso comes shea butter extracted by hand and produced in solidarity

Turin, 5 July 2019. From the alkemy experience, in addition to the range of organic products based on the prestigious Klamath microalgae, the essential POP line is born, designed for the daily and natural well-being of the whole family. Formulas based on pure natural ingredients that restore the balance of the skin and hair. Alkemy pop based on pure natural ingredients, which restore the balance of skin and hair, with all the effectiveness that only Nature can give: because alkemy pop is “nature and beauty every day”. Quality, naturalness and functionality are the secret of this line designed to meet the needs of every type of skin. Simple cosmetic formulas that deeply moisturize the skin, fully respecting the environment. Active ingredients of natural origin for sensitive and delicate skin that take care of the daily well-being of even the smallest.

A line with an intense and enveloping scent for the treatment of face, body and hair that draws on the deeply moisturizing and nourishing properties of shea butter. Shea butter extracted by hand from 25 women of Burkina Faso, through a social project that involves one of the poorest states of Africa, which boasts a large presence of what is called “the tree of beauty”, or better, the shea tree. «Starting from the research of the Klamath micro-algae, today with the POP line alkemy it continues in the mission to supply organic products deriving from completely natural approaches. And with the shea butter extracted by hand in Burkina Faso, the importance of an ethical and sustainable work for a natural well-being is recognized. »Declares Teresa Ingino, pharmacist of Arkavita.

To protect the skin from possible damage caused by the sun’s rays responsible for skin aging, a 50+ sunscreen cream and Amazon oil tanning oil, effective and natural. Natural products to gently cleanse and remove make-up from the skin giving freshness and brightness. To meet the needs of all types of hair, a complete range of natural products such as shampoo, conditioner and mask that gently cleanse the scalp giving shine and softness even to the most unruly hair. Based on organic argan and jojoba oils, shower gel, balm and aftershave the line dedicated to man that gives hydration and softness restoring and erasing the signs of stress to which the skin is subjected daily. Soaps and body wash with enveloping and truly natural fragrances. All alkemy formulations do not contain pigments, parabens, paraffins, petrolatum, silicones and use hypoallergenic fragrances.

From the passion of the Boffa family for the care of health and well-being arises Arkavita, a company that promotes beauty and protection of the alkemy line. Alkemy products can be purchased on the online shop myalkemy.it   alkemy is also on Facebook and on Instagram .