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25 October 2017
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Egyptian natural cosmetics in a modern way. Integral wellness treatments based on Klamath microalgae

Today in Milan, in the exclusive setting of the Katara Suite at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, the alkemy YO was presented – the new line for children of the Italian start-up, which re-elaborates Egyptian natural cosmetics in a modern and absolute innovation: the formulas of the ancient medical papyrus and the ancestral art of herbal care are the basis for the preparation of nutricosmetics, dermoactives and food supplements alkemy, body meets soul.

Launched by Valter Gambone and Piero Boffa alkemy is the first line of integral wellness treatments based on Klamath microalgae. The journey starts from the pristine lake of southern Oregon, where the Klamath microalgae – Aphanizomen flos acquae – grows, the last and only wild superfood on Earth. The Klamath, which originated 7000 years ago, concentrates all the substances and nutrients the skin needs, from vitamins, to the less common trace elements, amino acids, essential fatty acids, beta-carotenes, phycocyanins and bioflavonoids. From the uncorrupted nature positive and visible transformations are born, experiences of revitalization and aesthetic gratification.

The new alkemy YO line is available in three products dedicated to children. YO 1.0 baby-changing cream, based on yarrow oleolite, for redness and diaper irritation. YO 1.1 baby-bath dedicated body and hair is a detergent based on only natural ingredients, light green in color, ideal for the most sensitive and delicate skin of babies and children. YO 1.2 baby-moisturizer is a soothing treatment: a fluid formula that soothes redness and prevents dryness of the face and body.

alkemy, a unique alchemy for the beauty and regeneration of body and soul: the treatments nourish and regenerate the body through the use of precious raw materials that no one else unites and makes available in the same way. alkemy collects treatments with a profound force, similar to the human body and easily assimilable, which nourish and restore balance. The creams and whey of the alkemy ES nutricosmetic line, which combine the klamath microalgae and precious oleolites in a unique and innovative way, represent the effective and non-invasive natural alternative to traditional cosmetics. The formulations of the dermoactive line of the alkemy EQ line with a high Klamath and oleolite content also contribute to the improvement of specific skin, circulation and joint problems. The components of the food supplements of the alkemy EN line, based on macerated and spagyric-alchemical ingredients contribute to compensating for nutritional deficiencies and damage caused by them, acting also in synergy with the EQ cream lines. alkemy IN is instead a food supplement of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed marine collagen. An innovative cocktail of active, natural, real, pure and powerful ingredients, extracted through the laborious manual alchemic process.

The first alkemy single-brand store is hosted at The Number 6, Via Alfieri 6 in Turin, where it is possible to find the entire product universe of the Boffa family cosmetic company. The shop at The Number 6 is the first physical place completely dedicated to the alkemy supply chain, which also distributes its products in around sixty pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalists throughout Italy, in addition to the online shop. The alkemy boutique in Via Alfieri 6 in Turin is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1pm and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. www.myalkemy.it

“We believe in this ambitious project of ‘true natural’: a high-end cosmetic line, without compromise and entirely sustainable from an environmental point of view, on the market at a ‘democratic’ price, within everyone’s reach”, declared Elena Balbiano , of the alkemy board, present at the event. “