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19 October 2015
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At Lagrange12 a weekend to test products, treatments, secrets of nature.

From the golden rule of Fibonacci to the theories of Paracelso that separated and brought together the soul of plants, an all-Turin alchemy is born for the beauty and regeneration of body and soul: alkemy, treatments with a profound force that nourish and regenerate the body. Between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October at Lagrange12, the recovery of the neoclassical building of the ‘600 at the corner of Lagrange and Giolitti streets, Building hosts a stand for the alkemy launch event. During the weekend it will be possible to test nutricosmetics products, dermoactives and food supplements reworked with a method, codified in an immemorial time, which repair the bond between the body and the soul. The suggestions of Fibonacci and Ancient Egypt, the mathematical series of Mario Merz’s numbers and the great museum of hieroglyphics, sarcophagi, papyrus, are linked for a Turin journey towards beauty and well-being. The journey starts from the uncontaminated lake of southern Oregon, where the Klamath microalgae – Aphanizomen flos aquae – last wild superfood on Earth, grows. The Klamath, which originated 7000 years ago, concentrates all the substances and nutrients that the skin needs, from vitamins, to the less common trace elements, twenty amino acids, essential fatty acids, beta-carotenes, phycocyanins and bioflavonoids. From the uncorrupted nature positive and visible transformations are born, experiences of revitalization and aesthetic gratification.

During the weekend, the guests of the stand will be able to test the treatments for free and verify the beneficial effects on body and soul.

The alkemy stand will be open on 24 and 25 October on 11-19; the products can be purchased at Niche Maison, via Giolitti 2, at Neter, in piazza E. Filiberto 15 / D, or through the online shop http://myalkemy.it/.

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