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31 October 2018
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The Building Group in Paratissima 14

Third edition of the workshop shared with IAAD and Polytechnic, the debut for the new industrial conversion project

Turin, 31 October 2018. The dialogue between the Building Group and Paratissima is renewed and increased: for the third consecutive edition of the art fair, the Boffa family company confirms patronage for creativity and investment in the formation of contemporary talent . During Feel Different, the fourteenth edition of Paratissima, Building intervenes by designing two large sculptures, interaction and exchange passages between visitors and the artists of the Lamarmora Barracks: The Building Dome, a geoid created through a workshop by IAAD students and the Polytechnic of Turin , and Temerario, a new transformation project through the design of former industrial containers.

“Every space we design is a space for sharing, an agora in which we create small communities of inhabitants and fellow citizens. With the Building Dome and the new Temerario project we give life to small places of diffusion of beauty, creation and entertainment: we thought of them together with Paratissima, strongly believing in aggregation as a moment of sharing ideas for the future of cities, of space, of life together “ declares Piero Boffa, President of the Building Group.

In Paratissima, entering the courtyard of the ancient barracks in via Asti, in its epicenter you can see the Building Dome, a great geodic form, the theater of Paratissima where artists, creatives and personalities will give life to the talks and dj sets that will animate the four days of event. The project for the realization of the sculpture, curated by Building, was carried out through a workshop led by the artists of the collective Looney Moon Deco and the involvement of 11 students of the IAAD – Institute of Applied Art and Design and of the Polytechnic of Turin. Sculpture is geodetic in shape: geodetic structures are the only structures built by man that become proportionately more resistant to increasing dimensions. For its design, the workshop students used building materials from the building sites, starting from a curved and convex shape, inserted into a larger geodesic dome. The Building Dome is a multimedia installation, which will host the talks of the artists and the music of the dj sets, while special effects of videomapping will cross it, becoming a great magnet for the days and evenings at the Lamarmora Barracks.


Beyond the fruition of art and ideas for visitors, the intervention of Building in Paratissima also deals with information for the public. Boffa, Petrone & Partners, the design group of the Building Group, in partnership with Bertero Snc, launches the “Temerario” project in the context of Paratissima 14. At the foundation of the company is the idea of ​​recycling industrial containers and their transformation into living spaces of the public context, accessories for workshops, showrooms, bars, kitchens, workshop cycle shops and small shops. After being experimented in the west courtyard of the OGR- Officine Grandi Riparazioni, a container designed by Temerario will be the information space where to organize one’s visit before entering the rooms and galleries of the former Lamarmora Barracks.