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22 September 2022
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First temporary exhibition for the most beautiful house in the world in the heart of Turin: Burning Times by Valeria Vaccaro for The Number 6

Gruppo Building and Banco di Credito Azzoaglio together to support contemporary art and research in the field of sculpture in Turin and Piedmont

Turin, 22nd September 2022. The Number 6, the most beautiful house in the world created by the Building Group in Turin and winner in 2015 of the well-known Building of the Year by archdaily, the most read architecture site on a global scale, from 22 September hosts his first temporary with the works of Valeria Vaccaro in the exhibition Burning Times curated by Beatrice Audrito – Art Consulting & Curating. The exhibition promoted by the Gruppo Building and Banco di Credito Azzoaglio was born from the importance of supporting the contemporary art of the territory, through artistic production and research in the field of sculpture. The exhibition presents the works of the Piedmontese artist winner of the Second Prize of the Foundation VAF 2022: an award given this year by the prestigious German Foundation, in order to promote the most innovative Italian contemporary art.

The fire, central theme of the exhibition as the title emphasizes, is the first element of the artistic research of Valeria Vaccaro that with its positive and regenerative force, contributes through combustion to transfigure the material, leading it to perform an act of metamorphosis, through an irreversible change of state. Carrara marble, on the other hand, gives shape to the vision from which the entire project comes: a noble and long-lasting material that has been carved by hand, with great skill by the artist, and then painted using a personal technique developed over the years of experimentation. With this extraordinary ability, Valeria Vaccaro gives marble the appearance of other materials, deceiving the observer to trigger semantic short circuits between the object and the subject represented. The sculptor evokes in marble the softness of wood, paper or wax reaching the transfiguration of matter. For the realization of the works the artist often uses marble slabs, then assembled into complex sculptures and installations: a gesture that launches a valuable message on the use of non-renewable natural resources such as marble, to approach the processes of circular economy, also in the field of sculpture. 

Until November 8, the public can then visit the corpus of works that draws inspiration from objects belonging to everyday life or come into disuse, such as marble marble, marble matches of various colors, transport crates (Handle with care) or pallets (Urban platform burned). Common objects, decontextualized and offered to the observer as a work of art that, thanks to a plastic artifice, are transformed from container to content. 

In line with the principles of the circular economy, the Gruppo Building chooses art as the language of expression of vision, values and objectives for the home of the future, continuing the cycle of public and contemporary art within a building that has become a flagship, as a symbol of contemporary reconversion in the world. «Hosting the works of artists from our territory is a way of supporting contemporary art and field research. Doing it in a place like this, means reaffirming the importance of the dialogue between beauty and public space: in the future that we dream buildings will have to express meanings, visions, values, together with the ability to regenerate and be alive. It is important that this message can come from one of the flagships of Turin in the world» says Piero Boffa, founder and President of the Building Group. «Inspired by Piero Boffa’s drive to innovate, we embraced the idea of organizing together a special moment dedicated to young people and art. For more than 140 years our family has been committed to enhancing projects with a positive impact on the territory, paying particular attention to young talents. Our path dedicated to the transformation of our Institute into a Benefit Company begins to materialize here.» Erica and Simone Azzoaglio, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Banco Azzoaglio.

«The prestigious award given to Valeria Vaccaro by the German Foundation VAF demonstrates the attention of foreign countries towards Italian contemporary art, an expression of vision, innovation, beauty and attention to the environment. Strategic values, shared also by Gruppo Building and Banco di Credito Azzoaglio, together to support the contemporary art of the territory. The exhibition is an opportunity to take stock of the research of the Piedmontese artist, called to dialogue with the spaces of The Number 6, a unique place where classical architecture and contemporary art meet.» Beatrice Audrito, curator of the exhibition. 



At The Number 6 – Via Alfieri 6, Turin

Exhibition open to the public:  23/0908/11 

From Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Saturday from 8:00 am to 11:00 am