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15 September 2023
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The cycle of public exhibitions of contemporary art curated by the Building Group continues

From 18 September to 3 December the works of the Turin artist Matteo Tampone will be exhibited at the Domus Lascaris gallery, in the center of Turin, in an exhibition curated by the Building Group.

Turin, 15 september 2023. The Building Group presents the personal exhibition of the artist and designer Matteo Tampone entitled “TEMPORAL PATHS”: the exhibition is part of the exhibition on contemporary art that the Group hosts in the indoor gallery of Domus Lascaris, the rationalist building in the heart of Turin a stone’s throw from Piazza Solferino. The exhibition will be visible to those traveling along Via Lascaris, Francesco D’Assisi and Dellala starting from Monday 18 September and until 3 December 2023.

In “TIME PATHS”, Matteo Tampone presents a selection of 20 works – ABISSI, ISSIBA, CONSOLIDI, MAPS and the REPERTI collection – created with different techniques and materials, an expression of his research on the oxidation processes of metals. The central element of this production is in fact the transformation of matter, a metamorphosis marked by time and guided by nature which, with the strength of its elements, shapes the geometries and colors of the surfaces in a unique and completely random way.

Through technology, Matteo Tampone manages to emphasize the speed with which time passes and to emulate the intervention of nature, doing so quickly as to change the newly conceived object into something that has already experienced a lot. Thus, ABISSI is a sculpture that the artist imagines re-emerging from the depths of the seas, the testimony of an underwater world revealed to the few who have the audacity to dive: a remote, fascinating and mysterious universe, whose history resurfaces from the shapes and colors of the work. ISSIBA, on the other hand, a reflecting monolith that explores its own composition, represents a more intimate dimension of the work: a reflection on matter, its mutation, its colors, its aggregation and its stratification, defined as a journey into the material ocean .
With the work CONSOLIDI the artist aggregates elements experienced in different times, which communicate with each other giving life to a single object: solids of the same size but with different identities, in perfect harmony, which create an unrepeatable chromatic rhythm and are reborn as a function of console.
MAPS represents the memory of an industrial archeology imprinted on silk velvet canvases.
Finally, the REPERTI collection represents objects that come from a distant future, elements created by man and modified by time, a millenary path that here takes on a meaning of ambivalence, evolutionary and involution, between defined and indefinite: matter, however modeled and structured, it becomes autonomous, giving life to unique surfaces, textures and colors that transform with completely new connotations. A living body in constant change.

«Matteo Tampone’s art projects us into a fascinating dimension that concerns matter and its transformation over time, a process that is both natural and artificial. His works are an invitation to consider objects as living and mutable elements, discovering the beauty that is revealed in change – declares Luca Boffa, CEO of the Building Group. This exhibition is part of the cycle of exhibitions with which we want to enhance all the artists of our territory, from the most established to the emerging ones”.



Domus Lascaris, via Lascaris 7, Torino