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12 April 2022
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The works of the marble sculptor arrive in the contemporary house of the Gruppo Building

Turin, 10 april 2022. At the indoor art gallery of Domus Lascaris, a rationalist building transformed into a prestigious house, the Gruppo Building continues the cycle of contemporary public art by exhibiting a corpus of works by Nazareno Biondo.  The installation is divided into two works, Killer Cupidoe Salamandrida, two sculptures that, as a rule in the artist’s production, are the result of the processing of marble: the first heart is in white Carrara marble, pierced by a steel arrow, the second heart is in black marble of Portoro and gold. The works of Nazareno Biondo, the second art episode in the gallery of the hall of the contemporary house in the center of Turin, were born in the workshop specialized in the processing of marble by Nazareno Biondo. In these works as in his production, the artist’s technical skills allow him to reach an icy hyperrealism with which, Nazareno Biondo reproduces in detail waste and carcasses of contemporary society. The marble, worked and finished strictly by hand, contains the forms that are revealed to the artist through an ironic but at the same time dramatic look that he has on the world.

In the indoor art gallery of the house, the work of Nazareno Biondo will follow in July the exhibition of Peter Ott©. As at The Number 6, Lagrange12, Square, the buildings recovered and transformed in the heart of Turin, the Gruppo Building and the Boffa family are the clients and inspirers of a creative action that connects contemporary artists with the urban space and that place of transition between public and private, the exhibition hall of the indoor art gallery of Domus Lascaris.