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19 June 2023
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The body of works “Animal Soul” in the cycle of public exhibitions of contemporary art

From 19 June to 10 September the sculptures of the Turin-born Simone Benedetto in an exhibition curated by the Building Group. The “Animal Soul” works symbolize the evolutionary process of human psychology, in the development of thought and personality, from childhood to adulthood.

Turin, 9 June 2023. The cycle of contemporary art exhibitions promoted by the Building Group continues in the indoor gallery of Domus Lascaris, the rationalist building in the heart of Turin which hosts a public exhibition space on the ground floor that can be enjoyed from the outside by those walking through the streets Lascaris, Francis of Assisi and Dellala.

From 19 June to 10 September, the collection of 7 sculptures “Animal Soul” by Simone Benedetto show the public the vision of the multifaceted artist from Turin who, with his works, intends to represent the metamorphosis of human psychology, and the development of personality in the transition from childhood to adulthood. Through the use of apparently simple archetypes such as play, childhood and the discovery of one’s being, Benedetto reveals the most intimate and purest condition of the soul, depicting young human beings still in close contact with one’s self, in relationship with the really me. It is theirs, therefore, to truly feel without prejudice, exactly in their own time.

The collection of works, created using different materials and techniques, uses the symbolism of figurative language to address issues often linked to social issues. His works arise from everyday life, from a critical look at the present, showing contradictions and problems of modern society and providing the user with food for thought.

“Animal Soul” also wants to represent the artistic maturity of Benedetto who, after graduating from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in sculpture and plastic arts, continued his training with study courses in the academies of Valencia and Lisbon, continuing at the same time in personal and working exhibition activity in the sculptural field.

«Simone Benedetto’s sculptures guide us into a very intimate dimension of human thought, through the juxtaposition of distant elements – declared Luca Boffa, CEO of the Building Group. This exhibition is part of the initiative that we have been undertaking for some time to enhance emerging local artists and redefine the destination spaces of art, placing it in a residential context, in order to make it usable by a larger number of people”.


From Monday 19 June 2023 to Sunday 10 September 2023

Domus Lascaris, via Lascaris 7, Torino