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21 May 2019
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Let’s cook by IFSE comes from the experience of the IFSE High School and Confectionery School, the only one to have obtained the recognition of Italian Excellence at the General Secretariat of the Republic in April 2015. Ten years after the birth of the IFSE association, acronym of Italian Food Style Education, and after 7 years of activity, this new reality is born in the heart of Turin, which addresses a different target: the world of amateurs and gourmets. The professionalism, passion and competence that have always characterized the school are therefore placed at the service of the general public in a unique place. A wide range of choices, many courses with varied themes that respond to the needs of everyone, not just Italian cuisine and pastry, themes that have always characterized IFSE courses, but also the kitchen and pastry from the world, cocktails, dedicated courses to childhood and much more, all with state-of-the-art KitchenAid equipment. The peculiarity is that of seeing spaces in which each participant has at his disposal an individual position in which to cook independently under the guidance of the chef, but not only, at Let’s cook by IFSE there is also space for the show cooking area in which to follow the demos cooking and stealing with your eyes the secrets of the chefs and the area dedicated to tastings in which to taste the preparations and enjoy a moment of relaxation. The space is also intended for the creation of various types of corporate events and not for team building, motivational courses designed on the needs of companies and individuals. Let’s cook by IFSE is also home to APCI Professional Association of Chefs delegation of Turin. Raffaele Trovato has in fact been nominated President for Turin and its province and APCI National Councilor: for Turin and province chefs he will therefore be in a place where he can associate and above all confront.

Let’s cook by IFSE was born 10 years after the foundation of IFSE Italian Food Style Education, a non-profit association founded in 2006 to safeguard and promote the culture of quality food and to spread throughout the world the best of the Made in Italy food and wine production. I.F.S.E. not only promotes training, but among its primary objectives is the defense of hospitality and Italian agri-food culture, emphasizing its health aspect, through collaboration with internationally renowned expert medical doctors and qualified agronomists.

I.F.S.E., the only cooking school recognized as Italian Excellence to the General Secretariat of the Republic, is not just a cooking school, but an international center for research and study of the excellent food product, its processing and marketing. By means of training courses, conferences, congresses, editorial products, in collaboration with other public and private bodies, to promote the Italian culture of food and catering. Thanks to the many representative offices in many countries it spreads its food philosophy everywhere, summarized in the motto of the Association: “eating well to live better”, but not only; IFSE has 3 pre-schools, physical IFSE locations in which to provide bases of culture, language and Italian cuisine to then bring students to Italy to complete their training. Currently the present offices are in Korea, in the center of Seoul, in Taipei, on the island of Taiwan and in Lithuania in Vilnius, to which others will follow.

The I.F.S.E courses, in addition to training the best chefs and pastry chefs, aim to transmit knowledge, skills and planning tools to those who want to develop their skills in food design, a discipline that is affecting an ever-growing number of professionals in the sector. The Italian style is unquestionably recognized as a guarantee of quality at the international level and the I.F.S.E. offer the opportunity to artists and experts in the field to confront themselves in search of the new, the good and the beautiful.

I.F.S.E. is the most innovative High Cuisine and Pastry school in Italy. Unico, among the many educational institutions, offers cooking devices made with cutting-edge technologies. Students are trained at a health cooking school according to the rules of true Mediterranean cuisine and are able to learn not only the secrets of the best international chefs, but to expand their knowledge in the nutritional and agronomic field, guided by qualified experts in the field.

The laboratories are the best example of constructive synthesis between elegance and functionality. Made with cutting-edge technology, they are fully set up with a careful selection of the best furniture and the best Made in Italy equipment.

In the various kitchen and study laboratories, each student has spaces and equipment for personal use only, to ensure efficiency and comfort at the highest levels.