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23 September 2015
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The sounds of architecture in a classic layout: “Musica nei Cortili” returns, the seventh edition of the event, promoted by the College of Surveyors of Turin and the Province. The mission of the project is to connect the worlds of work and scholastic education of technical institutes to music. On Friday 25 September, the courtyard of The Number 6, “the most beautiful house in the world” according to ArchDaily, the most widely read architectural site in the world, will host the relief work of the boys of the last classes of the Alvar Alto Institute of Turin, of IIS Buniva of Pinerolo and of IIS April 25 of Cuorgné. The students of Alvar Alto have chosen the contemporary condominium in via Alfieri 6, formerly Palazzo Valperga Galleani, as the subject of this year’s edition of Music in the Courtyards, while the students of the other two institutions have dealt with architectural subjects different.

Following the presentation of the works (from 21), the voices of the Polyphonic Choir Città di Rivarolo Canavese, play the “Harmonies of Light”. Under the direction of M ° Maria Grazia Laino, the music of the choir of one of the most long-lived ensembles of the Turin area, accompanied on the piano by M ° Lino Mei, plays in the suggestion of the baroque courtyard, a marriage between music and architecture, in their contemporary interpretations and reworkings. Admission is free while seats last.

The historic facade designed by the architect Valperga Galleani and the inner courtyard of the Baroque Garden with the light installations designed by the artist Richi Ferrero, were the subject of the topographic survey of the students who participated in Musica nei Cortili. Through the use of the laser scanner, a sophisticated instrumentation technology, the students took care of finding the historical data connected to the prestigious Palazzo. Over the years, the schools involved in Music in the Courtyards have invited the classes to work on the reliefs of numerous monuments of the city and the territory such as the National Library, the Montegrappa Barracks, the headquarters of the Palazzo Lascaris Regional Council and the Valentino Castle. historical site of the Faculty of Architecture. In the evening of Music in the Courtyards, the best relief works will be the subject of an award ceremony.

The City of Rivarolo Canavese Polyphonic Choir was born in 1972 from the initiative of the then mayor of the city, Giuseppe Ponchia. Constituted with the intention of keeping alive the traditions of popular singing, it has developed over time a professionalism that has led it to present an increasingly vast and demanding repertoire, ranging from classical to modern music, from the sacred to the profane with instrumental accompaniment of piano, organ or orchestra or with a cappella performances. The vocal complex is composed of about 40 elements.

The Number 6 is the transformation of Palazzo Valperga Galleani, curated by Piero Boffa’s Gruppo Building; the contemporary condominium, historic gem of Piedmontese Baroque, won the ArchDaily Building of the Year 2015, the most widely read architecture site in the world, for the Restoration category. The house in Via Alfieri 6, awarded as a union between the conservation of the existing, public art and interior design, is composed of 6,500 square meters divided into 36 apartments with 36 underground car garages, with cutting-edge solutions for the centralized management and maintenance of whole complex.