Gruppo BuildingGruppo Building


In progress
Varigotti, Italy
Plaza S.r.l
Creative Director

Varigotti, sea view

From the demolition of the Plaza Hotel, now completely abandoned, 17024Varigotti was founded a refined housing project of contemporary dynamic architecture, wonderfully integrated in the historical and natural context of the village.


Between the hills and the Walk of Poetry, new exclusive apartments will be built, with a terrace overlooking the sea and shared swimming pool. An important piece of Varigotti is reborn and is returned to the landscape and the life of the town, thanks to the radical redevelopment of the space surrounding the building, which is transformed into an elegant open square to the public, designed by the green of the Mediterranean scrub and inhabited by art.

17024Varigotti is an organic intervention of urban redevelopment and landscape architecture. Light, glass, natural oak, stone, ceramic. The philosophy continues in the interiors of the apartments of 17024Varigotti of a project that’s developed under the sign of virtuous balance between innovation and sustainability, essentiality of design and wealth of natural elements, strength and lightness. The full-length windows from which generous sunlight enters, the large-covered terraces, the choice of materials seamlessly binds the exterior and interior in a spontaneous and natural way.

Available in different sizes and with a variable distribution of the rooms, the apartments all have arcades with sea views on the south side and overhanging balconies with glass parapet on the east and west sides.