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Settimo torinese, Italy
Arkavita S.r.l.
Creative Director

Natural Products

Alkemy’s mission is to supply organic products derived from completely natural approaches, thanks to the choice of excellent raw materials, accurate scientific studies and constant research. The alkemy production chain is absolutely controlled and programmed in detail guaranteeing very precise production times.

Every formulation is born to prevent aging, constantly protecting and strengthening our skin from a young age, it is possible to slow down the appearance of the signs of aging.

The values ​​of alkemy are transparency, simplicity and professionalism.

Alkemy is the name of this program to stay young forever, in full connection with one’s life by choosing to respect its natural rhythm. Real alchemical preparations, selected algae harvested in specific periods, in pristine places that give life to formulations stabilized for 90 days, made to measure under the influence of the moon.

Our ideal of beauty shows itself on the skin.