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Building Optimism

“Always building places for living and investing in the promotion of art for all are at the center of our work. Today, even more so with H40, thinking of contributing to improving the quality of life of people living in Madagascar is of great value and represents for us an important philanthropic intervention between engineering and construction to which art contributes as a link between sustainable development and social cohesion “says Luca Boffa, CEO of Building SPA Group

The H40 e Building project will be developed in Antamotamo, a small rural village whose Malagasy name means “land of turmeric” located on the island of Nosy Komba in northwestern Madagascar. The collaboration between H4O and Building, thanks to the help of the Tavola Valdese, involves the construction of 50 bathrooms for each of the houses in the village. However, the intent goes beyond the construction alone, with the will to involve the inhabitants of Antamontano giving life to an action of street art, the most shared form of art. For the occasion it was decided to work with two well-known artists among street art lovers, Luca Ledda Illustrator, Italian and Turin and Fredone Fone, Brazilian from Rio, who in the past have already joined forces for a job in social responsibility in Mexico in 2017. In Antamatomo, the WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) project led by H4O for the construction of the hygienic islands will start immediately, from mid-April; completion is scheduled for the summer, while artists should arrive in Madagascar this fall.