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Colore by Vasino 2018

Shenzhen, Cina
Colore by Vasino
Creative Director
Exhibition Stand

Shenzen 2018

The Colore by Vasino stand is our first Chinese project. It is a space created in collaboration with Noodles Comunicazione srl, Angelo Vasino spa and Costume and Fashion Academy of Rome thanks to the invitation of the Shenzhen Furniture association (SZFA). A permeable space, mostly empty, where you can pause and reflect. We are Italians in everything we do. Masters of weaving, designers, architects and stylists. We trace numerous trajectories to weave skills, grow talent and complete our experiences at different professional levels. We are a team of Italian excellence aimed at the furniture industry. The result is a dip in color and in that all-Italian taste that makes life more intense and wonderful.


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