Gruppo BuildingGruppo Building

Colore by Vasino

Shenzhen, Cina
Colore by Vasino
Creative Director
Exhibition stand shenzhen

Can you see me now?

The Boffa Petrone & Partners studio realizes the large entrance installation at the Shenzhen furniture fair. The intervention symbolizes the internationality of the technological and hi-tech epicenter of China, a place of commerce and innovation, traffic of ideas, meeting of worlds and cultures. Today we travel, meet people, visit new places, but often we focus only on what our eyes are able to capture. We pass in front of things in a superficial way, we notice them, we perceive them, but we don’t always dig deep to discover their hidden essence.

The aim of the project is to bring the visitor to go beyond appearances, overcome their limitations, look with the eyes of the soul to rediscover the essence of humanity.

The eye breaks down and the iris explodes in a kaleidoscope of colors shown in 25 vertical walls that delimit the place where we meet, “can you see me now?”. The walls are parallel, very close to each other and have a different shape, which transforms the pavilion continuously depending on the observation point. Between a corridor and the other, irregular openings are opened which allow to cross the installation also transversally. The spaces that are created are surreal colored metaphysical settings, every nuance arouses a different emotion and the user finds himself immersed in a different dimension, almost as if he were inside a work of art.