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Turin, Italy
Fly Experience S.r.l.
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Fly Experience

Build the desire to fly

Icaro and Leonardo, the aviator Howard Hughes, the 80 days of Phileas Fogg and the waiter Passepartout: over the centuries, the stories of men who want to fly have told the desire for freedom, to rise physically to understand the horizons of existence. Building S.p.A., a Turin-based construction company, has built, for Fly Experience, the place where today it is possible to live this dream that belongs to humanity: a fantasy beyond nature.

The Building Group received the assignment for the construction of the building in via Crea and took care of both the building / structural part and the general coordination part. The built structure, 24 meters above ground for a width of 33 meters, composed of cement, glass and polycarbonate, is integrated into the fabric of a large area dedicated to trade, the Leville shopville of Grugliasco on the outskirts of Turin. Four electric motors of 500 kw are the soul of the aeraulic technology and together they guarantee, inside the tunnel, a minimum speed of 180 km / h to allow the flight of a person in a horizontal position, up to giving off a maximum speed of 300 km / h for the upside down flight. Fly Experience is a place to combine the sport of parachuting with aggregation moments such as team building events, tourist tours or educational flight tours. The construction of Fly Experience is for Building a sign of continuity in building innovation, the Group in the city has recently designed and restored The Number 6, in Via Alfieri 6, the historical recovery of a Piedmontese Baroque gem transformed into a high-income residence in the courtyard of which the luminous installation of the artist Richi Ferrero recalls the existing Baroque Garden: the work, included in the Luci d’Artista review, is available every day until midnight. Like the works of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts exhibited at the open-air museum built on the palisades of the Lagrange12 yard, another project of the Building Group and the first residence with an interior design by Pininfarina in Italy.

Always focused on historical recovery and the construction of commercial spaces, the Building Group has built the building where Fly Experience realizes a universally shared dream.

The desire to fly drives many people to pass extremely difficult exams to become pilots, others to launch from a plane with a parachute. Everything to experience the feeling of flight. Fly on your back, standing, sitting or upside down. Fly Experience is a gym where you can experiment with new figures or complex techniques, whose mission is the spread of parachuting as a sport and unifying activity, a surrogate for the actual launch, with the advantage of making children and ninety year old experience the thrill of flying.