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Forrest in Town

In progress
Milan, Italy
Forrest in Town S.p.A
Creative Director
DFA Daniele Fiori Partners
When beauty meets sustainability



The project – designed by Daniele Fiori’s DFA Partners studio in collaboration with Boffa Petrone & Partners and marketed by Dils, as Advisor and Agent – is developed from the horizontal condominium model, with two or three floors above ground. The residential complex includes private areas that overlook a 4,500-square metre communal park, created by the Hortensia studio, as well as the first communal basement-level aeroponic garden that uses the technology patented by Agricooltur®: a green space near the Naviglio Grande that makes it unique in the Milanese scene the quality of the relationship between nature and living in the city. 

In fact, Forrest in Town interprets the new way of living and inhabiting the home, which returns to being a place conducive to human life, where attention to the environment and one’s health is prevalent. For construction projects, innovative technologies were applied to bring back the spirit of the historic residential village, with the finishes and the characteristic charm of casa di ringhiera (guard rail houses) from the south of Milan. Details with subtle refinement, such as the wooden windows, relief shapes and contours, or the floors and roofing structure which benefit from exposed wooden beams, evocative of an old-fashioned charm revisited in a contemporary way.

The entire project was created with solutions that combine wellness and energy efficiency. The buildings are certified in class A4 for energy consumption and are powered by a system of photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of some of the buildings. Ventilated wooden roofs also avoid condensation and reduce high summer temperatures. The control of the air conditioning systems of the residential units – guaranteed by underfloor radiant panels in winter and fan coils for the summer – is entrusted to a new-generation home automation system, which allows you to manage most of the related functions and applications to comfort, safety, energy saving and communication.     

The green soul of Forrest in Town expands up to the basement level, below the park, where a communal aeroponic garden is developed which, exploiting the technology for “soilless” cultivation designed by Agricooltur®, will allow the resdients to have fresh vegetables every day with reduced use of water, in a controlled environment and with excellent organoleptic properties.