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Future Park

Turin, Italy
Creative Director
A place to play in the future

Future Park

The OGR host the first permanent space in Europe dedicated to teamLab, the collective of Japanese developers that for sixteen years has been carrying out research that integrates art and technology and that the general public has known for the extraordinary success of their installations at the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2015 , so much to choose to face very long waits in order to access. Through immersive environments and interactive projections that are sensitive to movement and touch, teamLab transforms visitors into creators of scenarios and stories subject to continuous changes, so that it is impossible to repeat the same visual composition. The OGRs in particular, for the first time in Italy, saw the light of their Future Park project: a set of installations and workstations that brought children closer to creative interaction with the work and made adults understand better the approach required from artists to reading their works. The environment, which will see the coexistence of various playful and artistic experiences, will change shape and subject over time, occupying for at least three years the Track 3 of the Officine Nord, dedicated to them.


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