Gruppo BuildingGruppo Building

IFSE Culinary Institute

Torino, Italy
IFSE S.r.l.
Creative Director
A unique cooking school

Italian Food Style Education

I.F.S.E, the only cooking school recognized as Italian Excellence by the General Secretariat of the Republic, is the most innovative High Cuisine and Pastry school in Italy. It is not a simple cooking school, it is an international center for research and study of excellent food products.

Italian and foreign professionals are trained by I.F.S.E.

The laboratories are set up with the best furnishings and offer devices and equipment with cutting-edge technologies of the latest generation Made in Italy. Each student of the school will have available spaces and equipment for personal use only, allowing for maximum efficiency and comfort. Students are trained in a health cooking school according to the rules of true Mediterranean cuisine.

They will learn from the best international chefs knowledge in nutrition and gastronomy, guided by qualified experts in the field.