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Cascine Vica, Italia
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Leonardo da Vinci Building Center

Construction of a new industrial complex on the site of a disused industry. Natural extension of the “Leonardo da Vinci Building Center“, takes stylistic and dimensional settings continuing the process of redevelopment of the area. Construction of 13 industrial and tertiary settlements of various sizes for a total of about 15,000 square meters.

The building is located in the Municipality Rivoli Cascine Vica, in via Chivasso n# 15 and has as its destination the productive. The purpose of the renovation of the existing building was to divide the existing production building into several sub-units. Existing industrial building, dating back to the ’60s, renovated and divided into 6 separate lots. The intervention surface is about 9,600 square meters of SLP. The building is covered with cutting-edge materials such as “alucobond” and “aquapanel”. And especially the office building has been the subject of a real make up that identifies it as the main element of the intervention. This building also houses a restaurant, self service available for agreements with companies present and nearby.

From 2003 to 2004, the construction of two twin office buildings and nine industrial buildings, the Leonardo da Vinci Building Center complex has a particular aesthetic connotation as it is made with blocks walls, Polished panels in crushed marble and large glass surfaces that overlook the park in front (about 7000 square meters). Strong element is the presence, on the terrace of one of the office buildings, of an helipad for the takeoff and landing of helicopters. This helipad, approved and equipped with fixed fire protection, is one of three existing throughout Piedmont and Val d’Aosta. The intervention consists of 10,000 square meters of offices and 9,000 square meters of productive with attached offices on two levels, there are 50 offices and 9 business locations, also was also realized on the ground floor of one of the office buildings a large restaurant – bar with dehor. The finishes are of high level: the offices are equipped with air conditioning for the cold while for the heat has chosen the ecological “district heating”.