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11 September 2018
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Between Via delle Orfane and Via Santa Chiara

The Building group recovers the old convent, which houses the new Isokinetic center

Turin, September 2018. In the heart of Turin, at the Roman Quadrilateral, Quadrato was born, the recovery of the ancient Sant’Agostino convent, between via delle Orfane and via Santa Chiara, transformed by the Building Group into a contemporary condominium. A home designed for a mobile, flexible and creative class, even for those who live in Turin for a limited time or for those who visit for work, tourism, events or leisure time.

Through his design studio Boffa, Petrone & Partners, after working on the sides of Piazza San Carlo, first on the Baroque in via Alfieri with The Number 6 “the most beautiful house in the world” (ArchDaily as Building of the Year 2015), then on the Neoclassical with Lagrange12, restoration of a 17th-century building, Building inaugurates the new house within an ecclesiastical structure dating back to the 16th century, confirming its mission for safeguarding the heritage of Turin’s historic dwelling. Quadrato is an investment property in the most historic heart of the city, just a few steps from Piazza della Consolata in the historic Al Bicerin cafe, among the alleys of the Quadrilatero, an area of ​​shops, design shops, furniture, antiques, historic cafes and bars, a few steps from Piazza della Repubblica, the Porta Palazzo market.

“With Quadrato we have worked to transform a place that has the charm of history, a history dating back to Roman times. From a former Augustinian convent to the condominium of the best contemporary youth, in October in the Roman heart of Turin we inaugurate a project that combines the house and the contemporary residence, the art with the avant-garde medicine of our Isokinetic tenants and with the findings that emerged there. we hope that many Turinese and travelers will visit the archaeological area of ​​the ancient Roman domus “declared Piero Boffa, President of the Building Group.

Quadrato will host Isokinetic, a center for sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation of excellence, becoming the new reference point for sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation in Turin.

Two souls, those of Building and Isokinetic, are linked to a common thread of tradition and passion for well-being. The meeting with Isokinetic transforms Quadrato into a space of “Health”, understood not as a simple absence of illness, or resolution of a trauma, but coherently with the definition of the World Health Organization, as “State of complete physical and mental well-being and social and not mere absence of illness “. The Isokinetic spaces are developed within Quadrato on 5 floors hosting clinics for diagnostic and specialist medical examinations, rehabilitation pool and gym, spaces for biomechanical analysis and movement correction, offices, waiting rooms, locker rooms and a synthetic grass field where you can regain confidence with your body and recover all the specific sports features.

“Today we are preparing to raise the bar and face a new challenge of improvement” says Dr. Fabrizio Tencone, director of Isokinetic Torino “We have always believed in the recovery and prevention of injuries through exercise, and the care areas of the new Isokinetic center in via delle Orfane will meet all clinical and therapeutic needs throughout the patient’s care journey. The motivational and psychological stimulus component of being in an architecturally beautiful space, functional and equipped with the most modern technologies, is an integral part of the service we want to offer “.

The combination that is born between the Boffa family group and the company of excellence in the sports medical field is framed in continuity with the attention of Building towards wellness and with the idea of ​​the buildings of the group as active places, dedicated to the care of self. In fact, already in Roman times the court of Quadrato housed a spa area: a destiny of use for the new condominium in the heart of the contemporary city that through Isokinetic recalls the ancient Augusta Taurinorum.

In fact, during the restoration works, archaeological findings of exceptional consistency have emerged. It is a vast plan from the Roman imperial period dating back to about the 1st to the 3rd century, probably used as commercial or public premises, with mosaic decoration representing the mythological figure of the hunter Acteon, torn apart by his dogs. In synergy with the Superintendency of Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Piedmont, the Building Group has opted for the possibility of saving the complete portion of archaeological finds. In the courtyard between Via delle Orfane and Via San Domenico a large archaeological area of ​​Roman Turin will be born, open to the public: the new Roman domus of Quadrato. Beyond archeology, Building also renews its commitment to the public art commission. The T’ORO, symbol of Turin that looks to the future, the new work of the artist Richi Ferrero, in continuity with the works realized in Lagrange 12 and The Number 6, will be placed on the façade of Quadrato, on Piazzetta della Visitazione. “This golden horn is a vision of the city, of what has been and what will be. The frame that freezes the moment of the breakthrough is the changing of Turin in the present whenever the gaze of those passing by will catch its presence “, declares the artist Richi Ferrero.

Square, in addition to being a real estate investment, is also a financial investment: apartment buyers have a 5-year income perspective and the consequent tax treatment. A real estate and financial investment project, a novelty for real estate in Turin. Upon purchase of the property, a lease with the right to sublease will be entered into with a company of the Building Group, for an annual amount of 3.5% of the purchase value of the property: the contract will have duration for a maximum period of 5 years and will allow the tenant company to proceed to the sublease. The Quadrato apartments have different cuts, designed for a dynamic class of young professionals, PhD students, commuters of knowledge and anyone who chooses Turin for a medium term. From short vacations to longer stays, the ancient Roman domus transformed into a contemporary home can also offer apartments for rent, in residence style. There will be possible one-day stays with rates ranging from around 80 euros for the one-room apartment to 160 euros for the three-room apartment, stays over two days and also rentals per month whose rates will be around € 2100 for the three-room plus apartment up to about € 3400 for the quadrilocale from 235 mq. From two days onwards, extra services will also be available to guarantee all the comforts such as gym and laundry access and wi-fi, while discounts and agreements with group activities are offered for monthly rentals between top benefits.

Quadrato consists of five floors above ground, an attic floor and a basement; it includes a large courtyard and underground parking garages. Inside the ancient rooms of the convent are transformed into apartments called monotype, bitipo, tritipo and quadritipo in a range of square meters between 40 and 60 square meters, up to the two-level lofts.

For the Building Group Quadrato is a new challenge, an investment in the city and the future.