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7 November 2018
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Snodo is a cocktail bar, café, research restaurant, contemporary bistro and stage of an intense, elegant, vital conviviality that has its center in a long wooden table of 25 meters. It is the place to meet in Turin today, from seven in the morning until late at night. At any time of the day, here everyone finds his Joint. At any time, the direction of desires can change. You arrive just for a cocktail and leave again late at night after a dinner and a special after dinner. You go for a coffee and you end up conversing with some old acquaintances of life or work. A city that meets and continues to change moves among the impressive industrial vaults that overlook an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters. Where wagons and locomotives were repaired, today Turin moves.

The location is that of the OGRs, the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, the largest factory of the last century in Turin, founded in 1895 and returned to the city in 2017 after an impressive restoration and redevelopment. Snodo is an integral part of this formidable project to enhance an architectural, historical and cultural heritage made of iron and concrete. Over 35,000 square meters, recovered with the aim of making it a strategic asset for the development of culture and leisure in the city. A historical place that rediscovers its authentic beauty by redefining its function through design, creativity and visual arts. A new pole of attraction, which preserves the memory of the past intact and becomes an outpost of the future.

Thanks to the success of installations, exhibitions, events and concerts of international importance, the OGRs have established themselves as a container of new perspectives for the whole city. Snodo participates in this vision. It overlooks a large courtyard that the architect Petrone has transformed into an open space, independent of the use of the interiors, a space dedicated to temporary exhibitions and interaction at all hours: a real new square for the City of Turin . At night, with the lights curated by Lucifer in collaboration with Boffa Petrone & Partners, the scenarios change and that square appears different every time.

Inside, five rooms for five different situations of use, characterized by an interior design that enhances the personality and the different function. Five places that find their connection in the ample volumes of industrial architecture, in the scenographic impact of the rooms and in the philological choice of names that refer to the industrial past of the place. Training? Executive Chef Silvio Saracco, Walter Tummolo at the Officina del Gusto, Mauro Caccianiga at the Ristoro and Pastry Chef Piero Rainone. Snodo is Coffee Break, for those who want to enjoy a good breakfast, brunch or simply have a glass at the sumptuous wooden counter that faces the room. It’s Ristoro, an essential and welcoming environment, where traditional Piedmontese cuisine is revisited with simple elegance. It is Officina del Gusto, a restaurant of excellence and atmosphere, which develops around a large open kitchen, absolute protagonist of the scene and an idea of ​​rigorous and creative research, very Italian and, for this very reason, very international. Snodo is Dopolavoro, the winner of the competition “Un Cocktail da tavola” by Mt Magazine, Italy’s most voted cocktail bar at the Mediterranean Cocktail festival of Skinos Masthia Spirit, the one that created Porto in Turin, the drink dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo of which they have spoken throughout Europe. Above all, Snodo is Social Table, the longest social table in Europe, an iconic piece of furniture that stretches like a railway platform and cuts the room in two. A place for meetings, arrivals, greetings and departures to new destinations.