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25 February 2021
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In Turin a new medical center specialized in phototherapy.

The center was born from the intuition of the three partners Claudio Marchisio, Luca Boffa and Pietro Deideri, who brought the first Waldmann “solar cabin” to Turin, a cutting-edge tool for treating skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and vitiligo.

Turin, February 25, 2021. Skin Lab opens today in Turin, the new multipurpose medical center specializing in phototherapy and cutting-edge dermatological treatments. Located a few steps from the Valentino Park, Skin Lab is an initiative of the three partners Claudio Marchisio, Luca Boffa and Pietro Deideri and is characterized by the use of the special Waldmann irradiation lamps, latest generation medical devices whose effectiveness has been widely demonstrated in dermatological laboratories and clinics around the world.

The center was born from a need of Claudio Marchisio and Luca Boffa: both suffer from psoriasis and have benefited enormously from phototherapy. After their positive experience, they decided to give life to Skin Lab and offer a reference point to the many suffering from skin diseases and disorders: there are more than 3,000 known pathologies and, according to the latest research, it is estimated that they afflict about the 25% of Italians. Of these, one of the most widespread is psoriasis, which affects almost 3 million Italians.

In particular, the center is the first in Turin to be equipped with a Waldmann UV 5002 cabin, whose technological features have made it the golden standard of the category. Thanks to the particular cylindrical shape, the cabin allows the patient to be irradiated from all sides, in a homogeneous and safe way, ensuring optimal therapeutic efficacy and minimizing the danger of overexposure.

Conceived in compliance with the current recognized safety rules and on the basis of the most recent technical discoveries, as well as being made with high quality materials, the equipment of the Skin Lab center is ideal for the treatment of numerous skin diseases. Psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, itching and polyform photodermatosis: diseases which, if not treated properly, can cause considerable physical as well as psychological discomfort.

Based on scientific research that proves its effectiveness, phototherapy is a therapeutic method that is based on the use of special equipment capable of artificially reproducing narrow band UVA and UVB rays. It is used successfully in various hospitals and many dermatologists recommend it to treat even the most severe forms of specific ailments.

Skin Lab is a center for health and well-being in the broadest sense of the term: making use of a wide network of consultants, in addition to phototherapy, it deals with dermatological examinations, radiofrequency, osteopathy, orthopedics and nutrition.

Skin Lab is open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.            Via Bernardino Galliari 27/D, Torino
Tel: +39 011 1899 8227                                                                                        Email: info@skin-lab.it                                                                                  http://skin-lab.it/

Skin Lab Torino offers its patients a team of young professionals with proven specific skills in the sector in which they operate. In our Phototherapy Medical Center we use only and exclusively Waldmann machines. For over forty years, Waldmann medical irradiation lamps have been synonymous with therapeutic success and high quality standards, whose effectiveness is confirmed every day in clinics and laboratories around the world.