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21 October 2019
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50 years after the iconic film shot in Turin, Domus Lascaris hosts the artistic intervention of the English sculptor

The Building Group promotes an installation that unites the art, cinema and modern history of Turin: 50 years after its release in the world cinemas, the film The Italian Job returns to the first capital of Italy with an extraordinary artistic intervention in its historical heart, precisely at Domus Lascaris, where from October 31 to December 2, a bus inspired by the 1969 film starring Michael Caine will be exhibited. The bus, on a 1: 1 scale, will be suspended twenty meters high on the terrace of the fifth floor of Domus Lascaris, conversion of a rationalist building from the 1950s in the center of Turin. At Domus Lascaris, in the heart of Turin the film The Italian Job becomes the protagonist of a surprising installation, Hang On A Minute Lads … I´ve Got A Great Idea, by the English sculptor Richard Wilson, curated by Mark Hinchcliffe with Heidi Donohoe. Inspired by the final scene of the film, the opera is a large tilting sculpture, a life-size vintage coach that arrives in Turin activating a series of artistic performances, reaching the palace. Going beyond national borders and challenging the UK’s exit from the EU on October 31, the project focuses on art and culture.

Everytime we recover a building to convert it to our housing philosophy, we always think of creating works and installations that enhance the beauty of architecture by bringing the widest audience possible, as we do for example with Luci d’Artista at The Number 6 “Opening Domus Lascaris by starting the dialogue with Artissima is therefore for us a natural evolution of an approach linked to the dissemination of beauty” declares Piero Boffa, President of the Building Group.

Domus Lascaris is the new project of the Building Group, which is working on its transformation in line with the philosophy linked to living and, indeed, to art. The work of Building, in fact, is strongly oriented to the union between living spaces and public art: just think of the partnership with the Turin artist Richi Ferrero, who for the group chaired by Piero Boffa has already created the Vertical Garden in the courtyard of The Number 6 in via Alfieri 6 and the Futurist Gate – Tribute to Depero in the courtyard of Lagrange 12, on whose roof stands the Equinox sculpture. Richi Ferrero is also the author of the work T’Oro visible on the façade of Quadrato, the transformation of the ancient convent of Sant’Agostino, carried out by Building in via delle Orfane, in whose courtyard Pixel Pancho, famous artist of the scene of world street art, he painted “Eaten by feelings”, a work that denounces and reflects on femicide. The dialogue with Artissima thus constitutes a new patronage action of the Building group, a reality that has a profound link with the preservation and renewal of the beauty of Turin. At Domus Lascaris the public will be able to admire the symbol of a film that fifty years ago was filmed in Turin, between twists and chases in the city along the streets – and beyond. A project literally suspended between the world of art and that of cinema thus marks Building’s first collaboration with Artissima, in the common direction of enhancing the heritage and historical beauty of Turin through contemporary art.