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6 November 2015
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The work of Richi Ferrero illuminates an artistic path between Baroque and Contemporary Art

Turin, autumn 2015. The Number 6, “the most beautiful house in the world” according to ArchDaily – the world’s most widely read architecture site – becomes part of Luci d’Artista. The Vertical Garden, the Baroque Garden and La Maschera are the works of Richi Ferrero inserted in the path of the historical installations that will illuminate the sky of Turin from the week of ContemporaryArt until 2016. The contemporary condominium The Number 6, transformation of the historic Palazzo Valperga Galleani, hosts in his court the suggestion of an evocative path of the baroque past of the city. The corpus of works of art created by Richi Ferrero is, in the path of Luci dArtiste, the only installation supported by a private individual thanks to the patronage of Piero Boffa, founder and President of the Building Group.

The artistic invention stems from the desire to reinterpret the presence of the original baroque garden as a reference to the oneiric space, a moment of refined and rigorous decoration of the common space. The original place does not exist and cannot exist anymore, but its memory is reborn, today, in the verticality that from the court to the roofs to live as a garden-quote suspended in the air. Using the light, Richi Ferrero activated an important recovery that, taking advantage of the lightness of the light emissions, restores to the memory what was the characteristic sign of the common areas represented by the garden now disappeared and by the still existing courtyard. A design of stones and light from the courtyard recreates a classic baroque model, with gray-blue pebbles and warmer sand-colored tones that match blended light colors. Above them, the tree, the master shadow of each garden, is rebuilt in steel and suspended in the air, between the first and third floors. Each branch has a light and every light changes color, as daylight falls, the tree illuminates the courtyard redesigned with bright pebbles. At the top of the garden opens in the magnificence of floral wall units that dialogue with the sky: while the day imposes its natural light, allowing the growth of plants and flowers, it is still a work of lighting to enhance the poetry of these flowerbeds suspended between earth and heaven, until darkness allows for daily rest. The Vertical Garden closes with triangular elements, decorated with green, that jut out from the high square of the building, and open up to the sky, determining the indispensable formal balance of the work.

The Number 6 court will be open for the entire period of Luci d´Artista every day until midnight.