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9 October 2018
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Building S.p.a. was born in Turin in 1983 to design, build, imagine, invent the city and living, industry and the spaces of commerce, civil, private and leisure places, in Italy and abroad. After many years of operation in commercial building, in 2013 the group inaugurated the contemporary condominium The Number 6, awarded as “the most beautiful house in the world” by ArchDaily as Building of the Year 2015 for the restoration category. In addition to The Number 6, Building recovers and transforms other examples of extraordinary historical value in Turin, such as Lagrange12, a 17th-century building on the corner of Via Lagrange and Via Giolitti, and Quadrato, the new project to restore the convent of Sant’Agostino, an ecclesiastical structure dating back to the 16th century in the historic epicenter of Roman Turin. Through FOR Engineering Architecture and Building Engineering in 2017 the group followed the main design studies of the OGR- Officine Grandi Riparazioni, which, thanks to the CRT Foundation, represent a new contemporary center of research and contemporary culture. Recently, in the residential area, the project for the conversion of Domus Lascaris, a rationalist palace of the Fifties that completely revisited the existing building in a redefinition of modernism in the 21st century, devoting much attention to environmental impact, has begun.

Along with the new projects, the traditional vocation for the spaces of commerce remains: in addition to some shopping malls in Russia, the group has worked on the design and construction of Settimo Cielo, the shopping center on the outskirts of Turin, which once completed the expansion, it will become one of the largest retail parks in Italy. The projects of Gruppo Building enhance historic buildings in the city, reconverting and transforming them, and at the same time proposing a lifestyle that unites luxury residences with spaces open to citizenship, through the side activities of the holding company Dad & Son by Piero and Luca Boffa, which operates in different sectors, from the taste with Ifse and Snodo, the food area of ​​the OGR, to the cosmetics of Alkemy and the wellness of Alfieri6 Urban spa up to the luxury of Fly & Wine, a tour project of the Unesco territory of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato aboard a fleet of helicopters.

Finally, the Boffa family’s passion for contemporary art led it to continue its mission of contemporary patronage by supporting cultural initiatives such as Paratissima, Art for Excellence, Luci d´Artista and Turin Open House (in 2018 a record of over 3000 visits). Even with Quadrato the union with the Turin artist Richi Ferrero is renewed, which on several occasions has created site specific works inside the buildings of The Number 6 and Lagrange12. Contemporary works of art freely accessible to the public are real tourist attractions.

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