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15 June 2018
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At Open House, the building on Via Alfieri was the most visited, more than the Nuvola Lavazza and the Torre Intesa San Paolo

Turin, 15 June 2018. The Number 6, the baroque palace in the heart of Turin transformed by the Building Group into a contemporary condominium, is the most visited house of the second edition of Open House Turin. More than 3,000 people visited the building in Via Alfieri 6 in the two days of Open House, the London-born event in 1992 that opens up residences, buildings, usually inaccessible interiors. The noble floor of The Number 6 and the attic of the new condominium was attacked by over 3,000 curious, even more numerous than the new Lavazza Cloud, created by the Architect Cino Zucchi and by the Skyscraper Intesa San Paolo, designed by Renzo Piano.

“The extraordinary success of the Open House weekend means having worked to recover a great public heritage, turning it into a new icon of the city of Turin. The idea that guides us is the preservation of housing beauty and its transformation into living spaces, to be shared and opened to the city ” declares Luca Boffa, CEO of the Building Group.

Opened at the beginning of 2013, The Number 6, an ancient gem of Piedmontese baroque, formerly Palazzo Valperga Galleani, was transformed by the Building Group, through the Boffa, Petrone & Partners studio, into living space and leisure and recreational facilities. In 2015, The Number 6 was named best restoration in the world by the readers of Arch Daily, the most widely read architectural site on a global scale, as a combination of historical reconversion, interior design and public art space. In the two days of Open House Torino, visitors were able to visit the noble floor, headquarters of the Building Group, and the attic of the building that overlooks the hills and mountains of Turin, a city that Le Corbusier called “the city with the best location natural world “. The fatal attraction between the building and the public, as well as the recent success of Open House, is also demonstrated by the latest editions of Luci d’Artista, the historic Christmas lights of Turin’s artist, in the course of the courtyard (open to city ​​every day, all year round) and the luminous sculptures of the artist Richi Ferrero are visited on average by 15 thousand people in the three months of the event. The building, a place of visit for its monumental beauty and the suggestion of a dialogue between historical lines and contemporary art, is also home to the Let’s Cook by Ifse amateur cooking school and a place of well-being with the Alkemy cosmetic start-up shop and the urban spa Alfieri6 Urban SPA. A home where beauty is lived through 360 degrees, through art, taste, cosmetics and wellness.