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18 July 2015
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Tall, thin, armed with spears, arrows, darts, on foot and on horseback: this is how Richi Ferrero conceived the lookouts of Turin, a series of luminous sculptures that, leaning from the roofs, with their light redraw the outline of the night. At the Great Warrior, located in 2006 on the highest floor of a building on Corso Matteotti, the Sagittaurus, which for some days has been watching over the roofs of Corso Massimo d’Azeglio on the corner with Corso Vittorio, has come to give a boost. The Sagittaurus combines the figures of the warrior armed with a bow and arrows with the Taurus, recalling the Taurini people, ancient inhabitants of the forests between the three rivers Po, Dora and Stura, where the Roman garrison, the first nucleus of the city of Turin, was then built. . The work conceived by Richi Ferrero was commissioned by the Building Group of Piero Boffa, who is completing Lagrange12, the restoration of the building on the corner between via Giolitti and via Lagrange, on whose attic a third warrior will be placed who, like the others, he will not be a conqueror, but a lookout of mental territory.

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