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30 January 2023
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Temporary exhibition for the contemporary home in the heart of Turin

The Gruppo Building continues the cycle of contemporary art exhibitions through research in the field of sculpture in Turin and Piedmont with the works of Daniele Accossato

Turin, 30 January 2023 – The open air and indoor art gallery of Domus Lascaris, a Rationalist palace of the fifties reinterpreted in a modernist key by the Gruppo Building and transformed into the house in which to live today in the heart of Turin, from Monday, January 30 hosts the corpus of works “Wrapped” by Daniele Accossato in an exhibition open to the public.

The exhibition, promoted by the Gruppo Building, continues the wider cycle of appointments of contemporary public art, born from the importance of supporting the contemporary art of the territory, through artistic production, and in particular research in the field of sculpture.

The works, accessible from the public space outside Domus Lascaris, are sculptures and installations “packed” whose key to reading lies not so much in the central subject, which is reduced to archetype, as in its “frame”, the container. This is the meaning of an exhibition whose sculptures are enclosed and displayed in their transport containers, pulled off the pedestals and brought to a more human condition and therefore a more intimate relationship with the viewer. Crates, transport cages, packaging, at the same time prison and protection, make the work a commodity. Something that will be shipped, transported, sold with a provocation: “Is it really possible that Art is also a commodity? Art is not such because it is free from compromise?”

Until 30 April, the public can visit the corpus of works housed in the residential complex of Domus Lascaris, between Via Lascaris, Via Francesco d’Assisi and Via Dellala, an example of redefinition of modernism in key XXI century in the heart of Turin. Announced in 2018 and launched the following year, the skeleton has remained unchanged, while the outer shell is now expressed with a contemporary character in a harmonious composition of openings, sometimes projecting, sometimes back to the loggia, in favor of the play of light and shadow in the interior.